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At Słońce Design, we craft more than just logos and websites; we help develop the essence of your brand. We take the time to understand the unique pulse of your business and transform it into captivation graphic designs, custom websites, and search engine optimization strategies.

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We are driven for a passion in design and helping you empower your business through custom brand identity and website development. Helping our clients stand out and succeed is our priority.

Attention to Detail

Słońce Design founder, Jessica Benjamin, shares her story

Born and raised in Central Florida, my life has been filled with nature and sunshine. Shortly after graduating college I moved to Washington State to expand on my web design career, but I found more than a job...

The grand mountains and delicate nature of Washington showed me a sense of empowerment that I knew I couldn’t keep to myself.

While the adventure in Washington came to an end, a new chapter that would allow me to create Słońce Design began.


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